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Return to our website. A growing database for twitch chat copypasta. Submit your own copypasta to protect and preserve cultural heritage or browse through a variety of categories  A growing database for chat copypasta from streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming. Find out what gear TSM Myth uses in their setup and where to buy it for yourself online at PGS!  Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera – Background Replacement Technology for YouTube or Twitch Streaming. Gift Sub – Twitch allows you to give gift subs to others in chat. You can choose who to gift the subscription to, or you can let  Sub – Shorthand for a subscriber. Sub Badge – The symbol to the left of a person’s username in chat that shows that they are subscribed to Twitch is a video streaming platform, targeted at gamers.

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Users who want to purchase Gift Subs on iOS must first purchase Sub Tokens.

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16/07/2018 deixa o like e se escrever compartilha hoje a live esta caindo desculpa esse vídeo no lugar tsm_myth's official website powered by Streamlabs View the daily Twitch analytics, track progress charts, view future predictions, Twitch top charts, Twitch influencers, & more! When you visit subs.twitch.tv on your Android device you will find a search bar to search for specific streamers, and once logged in, a list of Partner and Affiliate streamers you follow.

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NEXT. DougisRaw Twitch Channel. OG_Lilliaac. Twitch subscriptions are one of the many ways that Twitch Affiliates and Partners are able to generate revenue. Sub-Badges – these badges are generally customized by the streamer and change periodically based on your subscriptions streak. TSM. 521K likes · 857 talking about this. EST. 2009.

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In a rather sneaky tweak, Twitch has added an interesting new chat mode type called “Emote Only Mode”. What does this do? Exactly what you think- a chat in Emote Only Mode allows only emotes to be written in chat. Supports Twitch.tv Global and Subscriber Emotes! Global emotes, such as "Kappa" and "PogChamp", as well as any and all sub channel  Disable (or exclusively enable) certain emotes! You can also define which websites you want Global Twitch Emotes to run on.